What we do

We develop solutions that empower individuals, teams and organizations to be happy and productive. Our cloud-based services use state-of-the-art research concerning how to run efficient projects, create an innovative climate and make organizations flourish. The Prindit methodology builds on systematic, continuous improvements, week by week, that enable small efforts that turn into powerful results. Identify, analyze and act on critical success factors to transform your organization.

What we believe in

We live to learn and push the knowledge frontier. By staying curious and question everything we can make a difference. We want to share our insights with the world and know that having fun is deadly serious. Having fun leads to healthy and connected people in productive milieus. Prindit empowers people to make a difference. Everything we do is about making the world a better place.

Who we are

A little more than ten years ago our CEO Stefan Cedergren asked himself “what makes some teams perform better than others?” He found it so intriguing that it became the very core of his doctoral thesis. And as his knowledge grew, he knew that he wanted to share this with the rest of the world. So, together with an excellent team of researchers at RISE SICS Västerås – Prindit was born! 1
Prindit is a spin-off from the research institute RISE SICS Västerås, and we work together in a team consisting of Prindit employees and researchers in close collaboration to deliver the latest research and good practice within the fields of analytics, machine learning, team performance, innovation, positive psychology and user experience.

The Prindit Founders

Stefan Cedergren Chief Executive Officer

Stefan has a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He has been working at large international companies like Bombardier and also as a consultant in product development. He has been part of building up the research institute RISE SICS Västerås from its start 2012, and now they have more than 40 employees.

Anders Wikström Chief Innovation Officer

Anders has a Ph.D. in Innovation and Design. After starting and exiting his first company, he worked as a business developer contributing to over 200 start-ups, and have been active in the Swedish innovation system since then. He has also been working as an industrial designer, architect, and teacher in innovation and design.

Making a difference

We want to challenge traditional perspectives and transform the workplace into a happy, productive and innovative place, with engaged employees all over the world. By providing new ways to work with continuous improvement that engage every single employee, we facilitate positive change in organizations. We want to make the world a better place.

Continuous learning

If you want to work in a knowledge-intensive company with ambitious colleges that always strive to learn more and share more - Prindit is the place for you! Our employee’s top responsibility is to learn and share their insights – internally and externally. We question everything and challenge the status quo.

Employee involvement

We believe in democratized and diverse teams, where everyone contributes and are equally valuable. We want to make workplaces around the world happier and more productive.


We love to work hard and to make our customers happy. But we also think it’s important to mix hard work with a lot of playfulness and fun, because we know that having fun in the workplace leads to higher productivity. So come and have fun with us!

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