Project Pulse

We have spent the last ten years understanding how project teams can become more productive. Both through research and practical work, we have seen that there is no systematic way of monitoring the conditions for teams to be productive. Since 2015, we measure and analyze the status of success factors for project teams.


Project Pulse

Do you experience this?

Do you think it's weird that project teams perform so differently even though we standardized most aspects of project management?

Do you think it's strange that measurement only focuses on the outputs of what has already happened in a project and when a delay is detected, it is too late to do anything about it?

Would you like to be able to understand if a project is about to be delayed before it is late and also point out why?

Prindit Cycle

What we can do for you!

Through our unique service, you will be able to identify the actual problems as well as analyze your current conditions for delivering successful projects, and we do it week after week. Through the analysis, you can lead your team to become more prosperous and increase productivity by up to 28%.


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